Cosmos Incendens

  In this historical-fiction epic, follow the Roman youth Lucius, as he comes of age and struggles to forge his own identity when his parents, his society, the Gods and even the Cosmos have different plans. Join Lucius and a diverse cast of characters in an epic adventure that spans…


  Get Issue #1 in Latin & English (printed edition): IndyPlanet Apple iBooks & Kindle digital editions coming soon! [fbvideo link="" width="683" height="400" onlyvideo="1"] Coming soon: Latin (digital); English (printed & digital)

Et Cetera

Sometimes you need an "and the rest" category. From witty shirts to free resources to #AncientHashtagWars, we aim to provide the best experiences for our Empire's "citizens." As the Ionic Empire grows, so too will the ancient tradition endeavor to persevere.  

Books & Comics

Latin and Greek are not dead - they are immortal! Ionic Empire provides reading materials for learners of all proficiencies. Spice up your readings with our beautiful comic book series or with truly interactive textbooks. Available from hardcovers to iPads.   COMIC BOOKS     READERS Currently in development. More to come soon!    …


Our apps bring the ancient civilizations into your hands. Whether you're at school, at home, or at Rome herself, innovation is just a tap away. From the serious student to the couch Caesar, we provide a wide range of opportunities to keep calm and scroll on.  

Welcome to the Empire

OUR MISSION It is the mission of Ionic Empire, LLC, to provide the highest quality materials for students and teachers of ancient languages and classical civilizations. We are dedicated to establishing innovations through both new technologies and established pedagogies in order to reach all learners of all levels. It is also…