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It is the mission of Ionic Empire, LLC, to provide the highest quality materials for students and teachers of ancient languages and classical civilizations. We are dedicated to establishing innovations through both new technologies and established pedagogies in order to reach all learners of all levels. It is also our mission to bring the Classics to the general public and to pass on the torch of the ancients to the people of tomorrow. Let’s Scroll.


Ionic Empire derives its name from the Ionic order of Greek architecture, featured on our logo. The capital or head of these columns are stylized in the form of a scroll. Traditionally, Ionic columns were used by the Greeks to denote motion and procession. In the same vein, we aim to help move learners with the ancient cultures, not through them. Our motto and tagline “Let’s Scroll” is tied to both our Ionic origins and our commitment to new technologies, where you “scroll” on your screen via apps and ebooks.